Thursday, May 28, 2009


名古屋からの帰り、新幹線の中で虎が雨(旧暦5月28日)を読み、旧暦だから6月?でも雨かしらと思っていたらやっぱり雨。先週は展示会で大勢の人に会い、土日も仕事。今日の有酸素運動で少し体調を戻しました。(成城赤い糸ゴルフ会2組目スタート 本多さん、長田さん、水野さんと一緒に)
I read a book named “Toragaame” in Shinkansen, when I was on the way back to Tokyo from Nagoya and thought it would be rainy today according the Lunar calendar. It was really raining. Since I worked on weekend, I think I could slightly recover body condition after today’s aerobic exercise. Who named “Seijo Red Line Destiny Golf Club”?