Thursday, May 21, 2009

Prada Transformer

インフルエンザ騒ぎで過剰なマスク装着が問題となっています。本当に必要不可欠な病院で働くなどしている人達の供給が不足が生じているようです。警戒をする事は大変重要ですが、マスクを付ければ済むと言う問題でもないでしょう。渡航も控えてはいますが、注意して進めの精神で対応していくつもりです。6月のベニスビエンナーレも楽しみですが、韓国に出来たPRADA TRANSFORMERも見てみたいと思っています。やりたい事、見たい事が沢山あってこまります。24時間が足りません。
Due to influenza problem, it becomes a big issue on shortage of masks in town. Staff working in hospitals and such places where they surely need masks are now suffering from shortage. It is important to take precautions but it is not something that mask can save all. I also refrain from overseas trips but I want to deal with positive attitude. I am looking forward to visiting Bienalle in Venice, Italy but I also want to visit PRADA TRANSFORMER in Korea which has been recently launched. I have a lot of things that I want to do and see and it makes me run short of time. 24 hours a day is not enough for me. I got tired because I met too many guests in the exhibition. I guess my body is sending a message of fatigue. All of the guests looked tired, but I could feel the power and kind politeness that I could not feel in the past. It must be the feeling of “let’s overcome bad economic situation and influenza together!! “ I have been talking with them happily about the future and exchanging ideas.