Sunday, May 10, 2009


NHK FMスタジオに友人として招待を受け、私の好きな彼女を語りました。



I was invited to NHK FM Studio as a friend of hers and I talked about my favorite points on her.
I think she is gifted and deserved to be a star having feeling of ennui-out-look, sweet and sexy.
She is very fashionable. She is avant-garde but classy and keeps challenging everyday, so I feel huge energy from her. I learn from her every time because she has very strong persistence and sense of beauty behind her smiles.
We were happy to meet again after not seeing each other for a long time, but she suddenly felt sick. I felt very shameful because I could not do anything for her but worrying. After a while, she paid so much effort and recovered from illness and staged a concert. I worried that her emotion was ok? But the concert was great and she was beautiful. She did it!
The concert was wonderful in such a way and I was so much excited.
I made such a talk and made conversation with her, ‘Is it almost 30 years after we met first time?” “We went to cooking school, gay bar together” We also delivered our messages to those to radio audiences who wish to live honestly, not afraid of being away from the crowd and being alone, become smart girl, and trying to work on your wish and dreams wth smiles etc etc. This will be on-air in June.