Friday, May 15, 2009

Jal shop

会議攻めの香港終了。今日はJAL 736便10時45分発に乗って成田入り。ビジネスクラスは出張自粛の会社が多い為でしょうか?空いていました。待たされたりするのかなと思ったけれど、普段より快適でスムースな出入国でした。43番ゲートからの出発でしたから、近くの足裏マッサージによって搭乗前にリラックス。機内JAL Shop販売、ANTEPRIMA携帯ストラップも売れ上げ好調のようで良かったです。

I finished my schedule in Hong Kong where I was packed with meetings. I came back to Narita with JAL 736 departure at 10:45am. Are business class passengers getting less due to the avoidance of overseas business trip from many companies? It was empty. I thought immigration might be delayed but it was rather smooth than I thought. Departure gate was gate no. 43, so I relaxed in reflexthology in the gate nearby before boarding. It was happy to know that Anteprima telephone straps are sold well in-flight JAL shopping.