Saturday, May 16, 2009


イタリアでは既に秋冬コレクションが雑誌に掲載され始めました。今回のショーで日本人モデルは一人だけでした。(TAO  さん)他のモデルが全員長い髪の中一人だけショートで目立ってもいました。今までにAi Tominaga さん、Anne Watanabeさんなどに出てもらった事があります。ブックを持ってコレクションを回りオーディションを受け、NY,Milano,Parisと幾つものショーに出るのは本当に重労働。日本人にとっては、エージェントやデザイナーとのコミニケーションも大変。なれるまではかなりの精神的ストレスだと思います。足が太い、背が低い、肩の線がきれいでない、お尻のふくらみがない、胸が大きすぎる、歩けない、肌がきたない、個性がない、強さがないなど勝手に評価され、選ばれる訳ですから。
Italian magazines have started featuring Fall Winter Collection in Italy. There is only one Japanese model this time. She is TAO san. She has short hair whereas all the other models have long hair so she is outstanding. Anteprima used Ai Tominaga san, Anne Watanabe san before. It is really tough job that they bring the model book by themselves, applied for auditions and went on some stages in New York, Milan and Paris. Japanese models have communication issue with agents and designers. It should be mentally stressful until they get used to it. Because they are all evaluated by unreasonable measures saying that her legs are fat, she is short, her shoulder lines are not beautiful, her hips line are not rich, her breast is too big, she doesn’t know how to walk, her skin is dirty, she has no characteristics, she doesn’t have impact etc and etc. Anteprima uses models range from 15 years old who come with their mothers and they all do their best and I wished all of them could be used in the show. How is this influenza during coming September and October Collection when it gets cold? I am a bit worried.