Monday, May 11, 2009

Hong Kong Golf Club/Balloting Party

Hong Kong Golf Club のメンバーになる為のBalloting cocktail Party に荻野が招待を受けました。香港は夫婦でメンバーになれるので、私も東京から朝一番Cx509に乗ってPartyへ。既にエントリーはされているので、紹介者によって15人ほどのメンバーに次々に紹介され、挨拶をしながら最終審査を受ける訳です。ほとんど儀式的で、何人もの人からおめでとう。歓迎しますと言われました。今日メンバーの最終審査を受けた中には、大変有名な騎手Tony Cruzさんなどもいて、楽しい集いでした。
My husband was invited to Balloting Cocktail Party which was for us to join membership of Hong Kong Golf Club. Hong Kong grants membership to the wife once a husband becomes a member. That’s why I took the morning flight of Cathay Pacific CX509 from Tokyo to Hong Kong and joined the party. Since membership entrée was done, we were introduced by our referee to about 15 members and we received the final screening. It is just for formality so we received congratulations and welcome from many members. One of the final was Mr. Tony Cruz – a famous horse racing jockey. It was a very nice party. I am very happy to be a member of honorable golf club because I like to play golf. By the way, how many times can I play in one year?