Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yoshiko Kusunoki

ちょっと紹介です。香港で私の秘書をしてくれている楠 佳子。ブログの英訳も彼女の仕業。頼もしい、妹みたいです。キャセイのチーフパーサーを務め、もう飛ぶのがイヤと引退。始めは戸惑っていた地上勤務ですが、今は公私共に頼もしい存在。PRのMargaretと一緒にVIPのアテンドもしてくれています。香港に来られる時は是非ご一報下さい。

Milanoは雨も上がって、晴れそうです。21日A Walk into Design (Driade)のオープニングからSalone見学開始予定です。今回ANTEPRIMAはSAKURA ADACHIさんを応援する予定です。

I would like to introduce my secretary in Hong Kong, Yoshiko Kusunoki. English translation of this blog is also done by her. She is reliable and just like my younger sister. She used to work as purser in Cathay Pacific Airways and resigned because she had flied enough. At first, she had felt a bit uneasy in office work but now she became reliable for my work & personal issues. She can attend my VIPs together with Margaret, PR section. Please contact her when you come and visit Hong Kong.
Rain stopped and would become fine weather in Milan. I will start looking in Salone from the opening, A Walk into Design (Driade) on April 21. ANTERPIMA will support Ms. Sakura Adachi this time.