Thursday, April 23, 2009

Villa Necchi Campiglio-introduzione ristorante

Villa Necchi Campiglioが修復されました。
Milanoの中心Via Mozart14、この庭園のプールサイドとテニスコートの間に気持ちの良いランチスペースが出来ました。簡単なサラダや丸ごと焼かれた梨のパイなど。仕事を抜け出して、どこか田舎に来た気分になります。今日もいろいろ見て回ったので、Saloneの混雑、モダンな家具にちょっと疲れていました。ですからオンをオフに切り換えて、晴れの天気に感謝、スマイル深呼吸。大切ですこの一時。

Villa Necchi Campiglio has been renovated. The comfortable lounge for lunch has been built between swimming pool and tennis court in the garden. They have simple salad, whole baked pear pie and other dishes. I feel as if I was in countryside escaping from work. I went around many booths in the crowded Salone and I felt enough of modern furnitures. So I appreciate the fine weather and take deep breath with smiles by changing my feeling from ON to OFF. It is important to have such a moment.