Tuesday, April 28, 2009


たっぷりのお水と一緒にFuits Fibres 、翌朝なるほどと効き目にびっくり。時差も早々に回復しそうです。インフルエンザに備え、連休中は休養を取って体を温め免疫を高める努力をしてみます。
I have a plan for relaxing. These are all Bio plant base and safe. I received how-to-use information with love by emails. Health Supplements received from Hatsue san in Belgium are super. Thank you very much. Fruits Fibre took with much water made me surprised in next morning. I think my jet-lag problem will be solved very quickly. I will try to strength immune system against influenza by taking enough rest and keeping my body warm during public holidays.