Friday, April 17, 2009


Linea Pelleの期間だけホテルはどこも2~3倍の値段で予約を取っていたので、前回宿泊したi portici hotel の方が値段に見合っていたと思いながら、Euro-starに乗ってMilanoniに到着。

I went back to Milan with Euro-Star thinking that i portici hotel where I stayed last time, was better and justified with the price. These days hotel are charging at double or triple during Linea Pelle. Train reservation could be done by telephone and I received seat no. and Pin no. to my mobile phone, and I showed that to the train conductor. That’s all. I have been traveling across places where customs, way of living, languages etc. were different, and that made my body and mind tired.