Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kyoto sakura /Daigoji ...

仕事終了後、万兵 さんに鹿ケ谷山荘へ、その後は北川さんに祇園ぼたんへお誘いを受けました。芸子の小鈴さんが明日の都おどりの席を確保してくれました。ブルーの着物で先頭で踊るのだとか?
I came all the way to Kyoto, and put on Kimono that was delivered from Tokyo and went to enjoy Sakura cherry blossom at Daigo Temple – the place where Hideyoshi Toyotomi (Japanese feudal lord in 16th century) loved and enjoyed the Sakura blossom, is still fascinating many people. After work, Manhyo Co. Ltd took me to Shikagatami Villa, and after that, Kitagawa Co Ltd took me to Gion Botan. Kosuzu, the Maiko(Geisha trainee), reserved a seat of tomorrow’s Miyako Dance for me. She told me that she would dance in blue kimono. I will try to enjoy anything, anytime, thinking that this is once in a lifetime and we’ve to treasure every encounter as if it were the last time and might never recur.