Friday, April 24, 2009

happy accident

(Jacopo Foggini)

Milanoが狭いのか?同じような場所に興味があるのか?友人Giuseppeと遭遇、その後は2人で仲良く。今宵はFendiのPartyだそう。でもこれ以上はスタミナが持ちません。ちょっと疲れて明日も早いので 夜はゆっくりとベルギーの友人Hatsueさんが送ってくれた、健康食品と箱根の湯を試します。

I looked around Salone again this afternoon. I wonder if Milan is so small or everybody is interested in the same place, but I happened to meet with Giuseppe. I went around with him. He will go to Fendi’s Party tonight, but I don’t have any more energy. Since I am a bit tired and I need to get up early tomorrow morning, I will try the power of healthy food and hot bath, which Hatsue san from Belgium sent me.