Tuesday, April 21, 2009


http://izumilog.blogspot.com/2008/04/tokyo-wonder.html、一年ぶりにお会いしたTonericoの増子さんをDriadeオーナーEnrico Astoriさんに紹介したり、友人Giuseppeのブースには知り合いばかりが遊びに来て、まるで彼の家に遊びに来たよう。Starckのインタリアを世に出した事でも有名なミラノ一番のインテリアショップDriade.何時も楽しいオープ二ングです。その後は友人Marina 、Ermanno、Maxの4人でDriade 裏Biceで楽しく笑って食事。元気を少し取り戻しました。

It's been one year since I met Masuko san in last year's Tokyo Wonder, so I introduced him to Enrico Astori who was the owner of Driade and Giuseppe whose booth looked like his house because only his friends came to visit him. Driade is the best interior shop in Milan, which produced Starck and made it famous worldwide. Their opening is always filled with a lot of fun. Afterwards, I had a joyful dinner with my friends, Marina, Ermanno and Max in Bice which was located at the back of Driade. I feel better now.