Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Summer Time

昨夜、ミラノに到着しました。4月10日から始まった、エアフランス シャルルドゴール空港におけるスペシャルサービス。出発だけかと思ったら、到着もリムジンが出迎えてくれて、入国審査などすべてラウンジ内で終了してくれました。ラウンジでは、アランデデュカスで修行中のいづみさんが挨拶に来てくれました。やはり海外でがんばっている日本女性、大変さが解るので応援したくなります。
I arrived at Milano last night and received special services at Charles de Gaulle International Airport which started since April 10th by Air France. I thought these services are only for the departure, but they offer for the arrivals too . Upon arrival, a limousine picked me up, and all the immigration procedures were done right at the lounge.
At the lounge, another Izumi-san, a Japanese chef at Alan Ducas, came and greeted me again. I understand how hard it is for Japanese women working overseas, and so I wanted to cheer her up.
Since March 29th, time difference between Japan and Italy is 7 hours (one hour shortened), so I adjusted my clock at home with one hour advanced. Summer time setting was said to have resulted in more than USD90 million economic effect in Italy.