Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bistrot Giacomo - introduzione ristorante

今年1月Sottocorno5にビストロがオープン大人気。テーブルが特にこのフィエラの期間取れないと前もってMaxが押さえておいてくれました。ファッショナブルな人々の装いを見ているだけで楽しくなってきます。Bistrotの方では、お肉も食べられます。今ミラノで旬のレストランです。やはり5感を刺激されて初めて素敵な時間となる気がします。Restrante 02-76023313 Bistrot 02-76022653 

I often come to Giacomo and have seafood here because I like spaghetti with sea perch and this shop’s atmosphere. They opened Bistro in Sottocorno 5 this January and already become very popular. Max reserved a table well in advance because it was hard to get in during Fiera. I am excited just looking at fashionable people here. Meat dish can be offered in Bistro. This restaurant is trendy. I think nice time will come only after human’s five senses are stimulated. Restrante 02-76023313 Bistrot 02-76022653