Wednesday, April 8, 2009


夕方から、浅草モーダクレア社にて、靴のライセンス 09~2010年秋冬最終サンプルセレクション。
I moved from Anteprima Japan Ltd to Sidefame Japan Co Ltd and made a welcome speech for one hour to freshmen. I told them ‘it is important to have a dream, to speak out the dream and to communicate. I want you to believe your hidden undeveloped power and enjoy spending meaningful days although fashion business has been facing bad economic situation”. After that, I had a meeting with Ms. Tsugiya for May lecture on “Successful Woman”. I thought this title would not match to my present situation that I only had 10 minutes lunch break with only sandwiches bought from convenient store? In the late afternoon, I had a meeting of licensed shoes 2009-2010 Fall Winter final sample selection of Moda Clea in Asakusa. After work, all staff who attended the meeting had dinner in Japanese noodle restaurant- Yabusoba. The exhibition will come next week. I prayed to Asakusa Temple that I could hear news telling me good sales of fall/winter items. And I’ve finished all for today.