Monday, March 23, 2009


今日は朝からCrea Travellerの取材を受けました。
お昼はsuny side upと言う何やら楽しそうな会社、次原 悦子社長と会談。
午後は事務所に戻りデザイン会議を終え、夜は旧友Tom (仕事は音楽関係)とお蕎麦を食べに。
I got an interview by the magazine called CREA TRAVELLER this morning. I had a talk with Ms. Etsuko Tsuguhara, CEO of the company called Sunny Side Up which looked so interesting. I had very fresh feeling meeting such a lady who had been doing her unavoidable business for 25 years. I went back to the office in the afternoon and finished design meeting. I had Japanese noodle for dinner with my old friend, Tom (in charge of music business). I had business talk but felt relaxed meeting old friend with no make-up on my face. In his blog, he introduces many restaurants of noodle and pork cutlet. Please make use of it for your reference.