Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The new car from Suzuki Motors arrived at my house. The color is white to match with the color of my house. I am looking forward to driving it. Mrs. Motoko Suzuki (owner and CEO) has been my friend for over 30 years. I met her during the time when both of us were housewives. She is a wonderful lady who can cook well and treat people warm- heartedly any time. Today, she came visit my house with the new car and some seasonal sweets. I believe if someone was forced to do business and he/she seriously continued the job without complaints, the effort should be admitted. I am very glad that I could get a new car from her who was brave enough to be CEO of the company, and supported Suzuki Motors with her wisdom and efforts. I have Jaguar in Hong Kong and Mini Cooper in Italy. But I think Mercedes Benz is the best. If you want to purchase Mercedes Benz, please do it from Suzuki Motors, proper agent of Mercedes Benz, which is good at repair. (this is a friendly PR)