Tuesday, March 24, 2009

be engaged

朝から、お財布(味岡) ストッキグ+靴下(厚木) 腕時計(セイコー)とライセンス会議が続きました。
Licensing meetings for wallet (Ajioka), panty hose + socks (Atsugi) and wrist watch (Seiko) lined up. I heard floral wrist watch- limited edition collaborated with Seiko were all sold out. Also licensing shoes (Moda Clea) kept No.1 sales among all the brands in shoes corner of many department stores. I have a lot of happy news. In order to keep these news, I wish to continue making good products without complaints. I had happy dinner with Mrs. Midori Mizuno and Mrs. Miwako Fujimoto who were a few times more powerful than me. It is Miwako san who has been traveling all over the world since 11 years old, and Midori san who is curious to see and to know everything. We had a talk from health, house cleaning to Japanese women in old times, Bartabs (in Zingaro). Our topics are wide, Bhutan? Paris? Venice? Our next dinner shall be with Kimono for Sakura Cherry Blossom?