Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2days off

藤本三和子さん、祐二さんに椿山荘 でお蕎麦を御馳走になって、白梅、紅梅の咲く箱根強羅花壇に久し振りに宿泊しました。リンパマッサージを受けて、お風呂に入ってすっかりリラックス。翌日は富山の月のうさぎ で一泊。何度も海を見ながら露天風呂に入って、頭のネジが久し振りに緩んだ気がしました。でも、これ以上美味しい食事を続けるのは危険。頭と体がふやける前に仕事に戻ります。
Mr. & Mrs. Yuji & Miwako Fujimoto bought me Japanese noodle for lunch. After that, I went to stay in Gorakadan in Hakone after long time where white plums and pink plums bloom. I have had lymph massage, hot spring and relaxed. Next day I stayed in Tsukino Usagi in Toyama for one night. I enjoyed outdoor hot spring several times while admiring plum trees. I think my body and soul are totally relaxed. But it is too risky to keep taking delicious meals. I will go back to work before my mind and body get unfit.