Friday, March 27, 2009

2010S/S ANTEPRIMA wire -bag

夜は、東京からのお客様前田夫妻と音大に通うお嬢さんと一緒に,中華鍋。パシフィッククラブに出向きました。到着してからずっと曇り空、クーラーで寒い香港、お鍋で温まって大正解。 その後は一緒に足裏マッサージ。香港は食後に立ち寄れる夜営業の場所がいっぱいあって仕事人には最高です。
I had 2010 Spring Summer Wirebag project meeting in Hong Kong studying with a lot of reports from the shops. There were many good ideas so I will use them for my reference. Thank you very much. In the night, I had Chinese hot pot dinner in Pacific Club with Mr. and Mrs. Maeda and their daughter, a music university student, from Tokyo. Hong Kong has been cloudy since my arrival and it is cold with strong air-conditioning. It was good to have hot pot and we felt warmer. We had foot massage together after dinner. Hong Kong is the best place for working people because there are many places to drop by in the night after dinner.