Thursday, February 19, 2009

NY fashion week

NYでは今日、Mr.Vladimir Restoin Roitfeldが写真展を開き多くの人が訪れたらしい。15年ほど前Parisで彼の家族と一緒に食事をした。フランス語の話せない私に、子供だった彼が通訳をしてくれた時の事を今でも記憶している。大きくりっぱになったのだなと、人ごとながら嬉しい。
Fashion Week continues after the New York show, next stop will be London (20 – 25 Feb), Milan (25 Feb – 3 March) and Paris (4-11 March). Models, show business staff, Press are moving around this month. There are a lot of models not going to London but come to Milan directly after the New York show. This is because at least 2-3 times of face-to-face meetings are required before the show such as audition, fitting and final fitting. It seems that models with guaranteed pay are getting less due to the financial crisis. I heard from news that they are offering 50% pay-cut. In New York, Mr. Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld holds photo exhibition today and I heard many people attended this exhibition. I had a dinner with his family in Paris almost 15 years ago. I remember he was very young and played the role of translator for me as I couldn’t speak French. I am very happy that he has grown up and become successful although he is not very close to me now.