Friday, February 6, 2009

I get along without you very well of course I do,but.../Manuela

担当者 Manuelaとは、100色を超えるトライをし、沢山の色を生み出してきました。表裏を違う色にしたり、端にだけに色をつけたり。。私とほぼ同じ年の彼女は6か月ほど前から体を悪くして、昨日逝ってしまいました。最後に彼女と作成したスーパーオーロラカラー5色は,Stella(星)と名付けて今月末から全世界で発売を予定しています。

今日Veneziaの工場からMilanoへの移動中、I get along without you very well ,of course I do. but... Diana Krallの曲を聞いて、これからのManuelaのいないワイヤーの色作り、運命的な今回の色の名前。悲しい思いに耽っていました。星の名前を貴方に。Manuela ありがとう。
It has been 12 years since I found Wirebag’s material. The material was originally sold as vine of glasses at Bologna Lineapelle (material exhibitions). 11 years ago, the first bag was made by knitting the wire materials which were considered unable to be knitted. But since then we have sold more than 300,000 pieces of the bags.
Manuela (a person in charge of the wire materials) and we had worked together trying and finding more than 100 different colors, making different colors for both sides of the bags, and adding colors just on edges of the wires.
She, around the same age as mine, had just passed away yesterday. Super Aurora colors (5 colors) that she and I lastly worked together were named “Stella”(means Star). They are going to be sold in the world from end of this month.
On the way back from Venezia’s factory to Milano, I listened to Diana Krall’s song “I get along without you very well ,of course I do. but...” And I indulged myself in deep grief, thinking of making wires without Manuela and the destined naming (Stella) this time.Stella(star) for you, Manuela. Thank you.