Saturday, February 21, 2009

Golf Club Milano

Golf Club Milano。 MILANOから車で40分、MONZAにあるゴルフ場に週末は体力作り。広大な公園の中にあるゴルフ場。入口が沢山あって、道に迷ってしまいました。道を聞いた男性が、自分の車でゴルフ場まで親切に誘導してくれたり、イタリア男性は、女性に本当に親切だなと改めて感心しました。そして2人のメンバーDEMETORIOさん、GIANNIさんとゴルフ。このクラブの会長さんに彼女の方が上手かったと紹介してくれたり、笑顔とスイングを褒められたり、持ち上げるのが上手なイタリア男性と楽しい一時。 クラブの半分が昨年、ゴルフカートの炎上で火事になったそうす。新設されたラウンジは気持ちの良い空間でした。先週末に訪れたゴルフ場より、ずいぶんと高級だと思いましたが、週末料金78Euro.1万円以下で優雅に気ままなGolfが出来るミラノです。3年前に奥様を失くされてようやく元気になったと言う、DEMETORIOさん。もっと頻繁にゴルフをすれば、すぐにシングルになるだろうと、人間は褒められるとその気になるものですね。明日も9ホール、2時半からと約束してしまいました。イタリアの優しい紳士、でも85歳のおじい様ですから、御安心下さい。
Golf Club Milano is 40 minutes’ driving distance from Milan. I go to the golf course in Monza for physical exercise during weekend. This is a golf course located in a huge park. They have many entrances so I lost the way. I asked a man for the direction, and he was very kind and guided me to the course with his car. I was impressed again that Italian guys are very kind to women. I played with two members, DEMETORIO and GIANNI. They introduced Club Chairman to me saying that I played better than them, they praised my smile and swing. They are all good at praising people so I had a good time. Half of this club’s premises had been burnt due to a golf cart fire. The new lounge was a very comfortable space. Here is more classy than the course I visited last weekend, but play charge is 78 Euro. Milan is the place you can enjoy golf elegantly and in the way you want to be with price of below 10,000 Japanese yen. DEMETORIO has just felt better after his wife passed away three years ago. He told me to play more and to achieve single handicap. When people get praised, they are motivated. I promised to play for nine holes tomorrow, tee-off time at 2:30pm. He is a kind Italian man but he is as old as 85 years old, so don’t worry.