Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Aida in Paris

Paris あい田は、赤坂卯左木の佳代さんから、かわいがって下さいね。と紹介されました。宣伝するには、世界中を飛び回るファッション界のハンサムガールOdielと最強PRを連れて行くのが一番かなと考えて、3人と出かけました。全員大感激。若くして既にParisで星まで獲得しただけの事はあると納得でした。
相田さんを挟んで一緒のハンサムボーイ2人はMax(ANTEPRIMA/PR)とErmanno(Fendi /PR)。
Aida in Paris was introduced by Ms. Kayo, Akasaka Usagi, and she asked me to go there often from now on. I thought it’s the best for me to go with Odile, who is a gorgeous girl in fashion business worldwide, and also world’s strongest PR person. Everybody was so excited and we all agreed that Mr. Aida should have received a star from Michelin although he was young.. Odile will go to New York for Fashion Week from tomorrow. She will work for 9 hair shows during her 7 days’ stay there. She comes to Milan every time for our show and says “I am not just coming for hair show, I come here to support you as much as I can, just tell me your requests”. She accepts the concept of my way. Her professional attitude towards work have attracted many fans. Two handsome men surrounding Mr. Aida are Max (PR) and Ermanno (Fendi/PR). They are surely the strongest PR. I received a pair of rain boots and also caring message from them worry about me in the bad rain. I was so deeply impressed.