Sunday, January 18, 2009


Dear All とメールがイタリアから届きました。
I am glad to inform you that ANTEPRIMA CATWALK SHOW SS09 will be broadcast ON SATURDAY JANUARY 17 and SUNDAY JANAUARY 18 ON CHANNEL 505 SKY
I am glad to tell you that ANTEPRIMA CATWALK SHOW SS09 will be broadcasted on SATURDAY JANUARY 17 and SUNDAY JANAUARY 18 on CHANNEL 505 SKY. We will be broadcast in SKYTV. It was broadcast in Japan on January 12, but I still did not watch yet. I continued Fashion Show to challenge to the world. I wonder if it was useless, I may say it was useless if I focus only on money-making. However the accumulated efforts such as making season’s theme, collection and dealing with huge problems, had led us to continuous success of Wirebag, so I believe people find out value on these points. Because, anyway, fashion is originally useless. When you feel down and recover a bit, wash your hair and put on your favorite fashion and walk on the street. I believe it would change your mood and make you smile. People already don’t expect art in fashion in 2009. Art became closer to us than before and many artists are active in various fields. We do not suggest only fashion, but also mode that we did research in many fields. We will start 2010 Spring Summer project, but these world view with very speedy and sharp movement and wide but shallow and huge accumulated knowledge don’t have to stay only in fashion. I want to cheer up as many as people. By doing so, I also become cheer up and continue challenges.