Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sushi Yoshitake/ご馳走様でした。

MilanoにもKushiと言う日本料理店を出している、成城学園時代の先輩、小島さんご夫婦に六本木 吉武鈴木さん、本多さんと一緒に美味しいお寿司をご馳走になりました。帰りには村上開新堂のケーキまで戴いてしまいました。ご馳走様でした。3月3日ミラノのショーでは、最前列をキープしてお待ちしていますね。
Mr & Mrs. Kojima bought me Sushi dinner in Yoshitake in Roppongi with Mrs. Suzuki and Mrs. Honda. They also bought me a cake when we went home. I will reserve the best seats in Milan Fashion Show on March 2. I have been busy since morning, but every day I go out with friends, after a day’s tough work. Last night was Yakitori with Tom after 25 years and Seri. After that, we went to a bar with Maeda san. Of course, I can’t sleep well because I have been too stressed. Today I have license meeting, too, and go around shops and attend shop manager meeting, and many other things. Many things are still not finalized.. I think I will think about 2010 concept in the airplane? Staying in Japan is delicious, fun, busy but happy, and it will be over soon.