Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Milano Fashion Week


香港に戻って、今日のランチはHang Lung Group の会長Mr.Ronnie Chichung Chan の事務所に招かれました。最高級のコックがいる、プライベートダイニングルーム。中国では香港系の中で一番の大手デベロッパー。オーナーだけあって、なんだか桁はずれの豪華さです。ANTEPRIMAも上海でプラザ66という彼のビルに出店しています。多くの慈善運動にも積極的に取り組んでいると熱く語りながら、ミラノから帰って来たばかりだけれど、SAVOIの朝食は考えられないほど高いね。などと、細かい経済観念を持った、なかなか面白くてチャーミングな人でした。
I received 2009-2010 Fall Winter Milano Collection Calendar. Anteprima Show will be held at 13:45 on March 3 in Fiera/Sala Spiga. This date is coincidentally the same day as "Girls Festival" in Japan, so must be lucky.
I returned to Hong Kong and was invited for lunch by Mr. Ronnie Chan, Chairman of Hang Lung Group in his office. He has a top class Chef and a private dining room there. He is the owner of a group company which is the biggest HK developer across China and everything is extraordinarily gorgeous. Anteprima has a shop in Plaza 66 in Shanghai, China, which is one of his property. He is just back from Milan and saying that breakfast in SAVOI is unbelievably expensive. He is enthusiastic in a lot of charitable activities, with very precise views in economics. Also, he is an interesting and charming person.