Thursday, January 29, 2009

Firenze /Vintage Fair

Firenze は、快晴。骨董フェアーに出向きました。あまり掘り出し物は見つかりませんでした。Arezzoの骨董市が毎月始め土日ですから、そちらに出向いた方がよさそうです。晴れていれば、土曜日に車で行こうと思っています。
ホテルはVilla La Vedetta この2年ほど定宿にしています。Michelangelo広場に行く必要もなくホテルからの景色は最高。ホテルにあるレストランも美味しくフェアーを歩きまわって疲れて帰る場所としては、申し分ありません。
Florence has fine weather. I went to antique fair but I could not find very good one. I think I will go to Antique market in Arezzo which is held on first Saturday and Sunday of every month. If the weather is good, I will drive by myself. My favorite hotel is Villa La Vedetta and hotel view is super. I used this hotel for 2 years because I didn’t have to go to Michelangelo Square. The restaurant in the hotel is good so I have nothing to say as a hotel after the long day of the fair. I heard the news saying that the bag collaborating with Kitty have all sold-out? We will accept requests for some time, but I wonder how the situation will be. I guess people look for fun because economy is bad. I am happy this news brought us good news. I received a lot of encouraging emails saying that I need to make something more beautiful and more wonderful than before, not just make something practical. I will do my best for project of Spring Summer 2010.