Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Bolognia->Firenze 20m先が見えない霧と雨。少し後悔しながら、80kmで大きなトラックに挟まれてA1を走りました。Toscanaに入ったら、雨も止んで霧や雪景色は嘘のよう。がんばって運転したご褒美に晴れてくれたのだと自己満足の解釈。シューズとバックの会議も順調に終了、次回は3週間後にファイナル。晴れのご褒美を期待して、また自分で運転と思っています。レース気分は続きます。
It is foggy & rainy and visibility is only 20m between Bologna and Florence. I regret in A1 that I need to race with big trucks with 80km/hr speed. When I went into Toscana, rain stopped and I could not believe it was foggy and snow before. My good driving brought fine weather to me. I praised myself for self-satisfaction. Meeting for shoes and bags finished on time, and next time will be three weeks later for final meetings. I hope fine weather again because I will drive by myself. My racing feeling will be continued.