Monday, January 26, 2009


Hotel Duca D'Aosta  VeniceとTrevisoからも近いMogliano Veneto.布帛工場から5分と便利で、大きなバスルームも快適です。最近Euroが急激に安く感じられてきました。 このホテルが一泊5千円しない?冬だと言う事もありますが、この激変はいったい何なのでしょう。つい最近まで、倍以上の値段だったのですから。不況と円高、これを逆に考えるとプラスもいろいろありそうです。チャンスとプラスは何?
Hotel Duca D’Aosta - it is near from Venice and Treviso and only 5 minutes from Mogliano Veneto woven factory. It has a big bathroom. I feel suddenly EUD is cheap. Is this hotel less than JPY5000/night? Of course, it is because of winter but what is this change? Until very recently, the price was double up, may be because of bad economy and high Japanese yen. But if we consider this situation from positive side, we would have Chances. What are they? If we would challenge to whatever in front of us, there should be something that change our negative feeling.