Monday, January 26, 2009


仕事が終わって、明日Pisaまでは早朝きついかなと思い、雨の中をBolognaまで運転。夜やはり大雨の中の運転は止めれば良かったと思いながら、トラック車線(80KM)でBolognaに到着。ちょっとした冒険は楽しかったです。感じのよさそうなホテルI Portichi Hotel Bologna を見つけて、宿泊。90Euroとやはりシーズンオフの値段。熱いシャワーをあびて、レースの疲れを癒し明日に備えて眠ります。(ミッデミリア参加の人達は雨の中、オープンカーで走る時もあると聞いていたので、まあそれよりましだと思いながら運転していましたから。)
We did body-cutting using fitting model. We use the same model of size 40. It is not only me but also ordinary people have mixed body size such as 38, 40, 42 in parts by parts. It is same in cooking as it is easy to say [delicious] or [taste bad] afterwards, so we are doing a big work. After work, I thought it was too hard to reach to Pisa tomorrow in one day, so I drove to Bologna under rainy weather. I regret in night rain in big vehicle lane with 80km/hr speed that I was supposed to stop driving, but finally I arrived to Bologna. It was thrilling. I found a good hotel I Portichi Hotel Bologna and stayed for the night. It is only EUR90 which is season-off price. I will take hot shower and sleep after race and get ready for tomorrow. (I was thinking I was better than the people joining Mille Miglia who drove in the open cars in rainy weather)