Wednesday, February 20, 2008

08-09 F/W Show Interview

1)What is the Focus of the collection?

Of course in this collection, the concept is very much focused on our knitwear and handbag collections.

2)What is the Theme of the Collection?


(胸に秘めた悲しみや、苦しみ ストレス 気分を変える事で笑顔にもなれる)

ハード×ソフト、バランス×アンバランス、ミニ×マキシ、 ジャガード+ビニールコーティング、黒×白、光×影、ミニニョンな装い(愛らしい姿)×スタイリッシュな装い(少し男性っぽい)、シンプルで清楚な装い×少しデコラティブで冒険的な装い、高いヒール×フラットヒール、クローズブーツ×オープンプラットフォーム。

This collection, my main concept is on CONSTRAST, because we, as human being, face a lot of difficulties and hardship everyday, we have to be positive and understand how and what we can do to adjust ourselves so as to control the situation even by simply changing our style.

Hard vs Soft, Balanced vs Unbalanced and Mini vs Maxi, jacquard fabric with a vinyl coating, or Black vs White, Light vs Shadow, Mignon vs Stylish, Simple vs Decorative, high heels vs flats, open boots vs platforms, matt vs shiny …..

3)The Collection seems to be very wearable.Do you intend to have your collection as real garments?


Reality is very important to us, I am always imaging different occasions when I try to come up with ideas for each collection and in this way, my clothes automatically becomes the reality. But I'd always challenge myself with new design details and materials for its ability to transform - just like the meaning of ANTEPRIMA.

4)What is new ANTEPRIMA?


This year we are going to start our stocking collection and for this fashion show, we have collaborated with the manufacturer on a very special line of stocking in shiny gold color in contrast with the matt feeling of our knitwear collection. I am very happy to be working with this manufacturer who is very famous in this field. We will also launch ANTEPRIMA watch collection soon.